Friday, 27 May 2016

Football Flower Barber

Hay spotted this in a barber's window in Whitby:

Another ethereal photo of Whitby from Hay:


Apparently 50% of abusive, misogynistic tweets on Twitter are made by women. I've never suffered abusive, misogyny on Twitter, but that's perhaps because I'm not on Twitter.

If a European superstate actually comes about, does that mean we'll end up with a USE football team for the World Cup? Surely that would be unbeatable?

Has anyone ever seen a Swiss cheese plant flower? Apparently they're a member of the Arum family and the flower is identical, but it's notoriously difficult to get them to flower in captivity. Here's my beauty, which is under the spiral staircase, but rapidly outgrowing the space:

Been trying to excise some scratches on the near side window of the car using a buffer and jeweler's rouge. The scratches are from grit that was trapped in the rubber, with continuous use over 23 years having scored the glass in one area quite deeply. While I've had some success, it's toughened glass and at this rate it will take several days of solid buffing to remove them all. Finally decided to buy a 2nd hand window from a breaker's yard for £75. Should have done that in the first place, but I was so convinced jeweler's rouge would do the job. Damned stuff gets into any crevice on paint, door handles - anywhere with a rough surface, and is the very  devil to remove.

I've written a 4 page defence of staying in the EU, refuting most of the bollocks being put about by Boris' mates, as well as misconceptions that for some reason keep persisting in the popular consciousness - or lack of it, from what I've seen. Was going to post it today, but thought I'd stress test it first. Posted it on an Exit Facebook page and managed to get a  bite, but the bugger used the old lawyer's trick of focusing on one word (the use of 'overwhelming' for 64% support for the EU in Scotland) and one reference (my use of Wiki as a source for the UK's budget expenditure) - unjustifiably, as I provided backup data - and rubbishing the whole thing on that basis. Of course they wouldn't argue with me, despite me having broken it up into logical chunks for ease of reference. Never mind - I'll sanity check it elsewhere before posting it. Volunteers welcome.


  1. Posted my Postal Vote today. Too late to change my mind!

    1. Oh no! What if it's proved in the next couple of weeks that there WILL be an alien invasion if we leave?

  2. No worries! As expected our two votes cancel each other out.

  3. Swiss cheese plant (Monstera Delisiosa) Had one up in Auckland, where they're known as Fruit Salad plants. Needs a warm climate to flower/fruit successfully. Used to have creamy white flowers, though mine didn't flower that often. Produced a fruit about 8"x2". Took a long time to ripen and tasted like a pineapple dipped in acid. Fruit salad from a can much tastier! Be wary of pot size or you'll encourage a Triffed-like takeover...