Monday, 9 May 2016

The Town Hall Effect

Well, Hay and I walked into Chipping Sodbury Town Hall on Saturday to have a look at the craft fair being held there and walked out having booked the place for a wedding in September. How random is that?

It has a licence for weddings, facilitates receptions, has a bar and is very Cotswoldy. Perfect venue really - can't think why we didn't latch on to it ages ago. We've been searching for a venue for most of this year, fully intending to get hitched sometime in the summer, but finding a suitable location, without breaking the bank, has been a thorn in our side. The local registry office in Bristol is hideous and accommodates no more than 5 people at a time and is also the Job Centre.

We've set ourselves a very small budget, as we have another cabin to build, so between £2~3k is our limit for everything. I have no truck with these fancy venues where you shell out £3k before you've even thought about food and booze. People spend far too much on weddings these days and seem to use the cost as a status symbol. I also want to set an example to my kids.

Wedding presents? Think I'll start a list at the nearest Mercedes breakers' yard for Mercedes 500SL parts.


  1. Looks like a fab. venue to me (walking distance too!), congratulations to you both!

  2. I expect the Merc. 500SL to be decked out with ribbon for the day.

  3. Congratulations on finding a venue. Linda and I were married in September 1977. A word of advice; get married on a Friday then if it doesn't work out it won't spoil the weekend.