Sunday, 13 November 2016

Analyse and Discuss

The poppy is causing some controversy, what with poppy-shaming, some taking umbrage with the Royal British Legion accepting donations from BAE Systems (an arms manufacturer), white poppies, etc. Are any of the following better than another (in no particular order):
  1. Buy a new poppy every year and wear it, 
  2. Buy a new poppy every year, but don't wear it,
  3. Buy a white poppy and wear it (I don't think anyone who buys a white poppy doesn't wear it),
  4. Shame someone for not wearing a poppy,
  5. Buy an expensive poppy once, which can be worn every year, or
  6. Not buy a poppy, but simply share a picture of a poppy on Facebook or a blog?
The above begs the question of whether the poppy is purely a symbol or a fund raiser for ex servicemen - or both, but with one aim uppermost?

Does the Trump win, and his subsequent policy back-peddling, merely confirm that Machiavelli was right and that some will say anything to obtain support and achieve power by making false claims and promises, using arguments based on prejudice and emotion rather than reason?

Is a rich, American plutocrat, who used inherited wealth, actually a member of the very 'Establishment' he claims to seek to overthrow?

Liberal elite - is that simply a pejorative term for people who have used education to achieve a position of affluence and/or influence and challenge right-wing dogma?

Should the wishes of the sizeable 48% who voted to remain in the EU be taken into account at all when deciding the nature of Brexit, or does a slim majority of 4% justify a hard Brexit?

Had the referendum result been the reverse, should the vote of the Leavers have justified remaining in the EU with no attempt whatsoever at reform?

Analyse and discuss.

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