Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Thruppeny Jurisprudence Weddings

Was watching something on TV last night about the hideous price of weddings and the fact venues increase the price of events when they know the it's a wedding. One apologist said that a wedding requires so much more in terms of emotional support for the couple; isn't that what the family and friends of the couple are for, not someone you don't know from Adam? I suppose if there is to be any emotional support from the staff, it would be limited to the barman.

That old chestnut of sharia courts/councils is back in the news. Lady Cox, a crossbench peer, is a longstanding critic of sharia courts and claims they discriminate against women. She says she receives many complaints from women. Perhaps the British family law system and the divorce courts also need an inquiry into their operation, as there are numerous complaints that they discriminate against men.

No system is perfect and by listening only to those who feel they have been discriminated against you can tend to get a one-sided view. All sides need a voice. I'm sure anyone who has had a judgement against them in any court or tribunal feels they have been unfairly treated.

Only became aware a couple of days ago that a new pound coin is about to be released. Damned thing looks like a thruppeny piece; didn't know the value of the pound had dropped that low. What with plastic fivers, money just ain't what it used to be. Reverting to the Gold Standard would have eliminated the recent fall in the pound but using gold as the currency does have problems; how do you put more gold in the economy to cater for growth? You'd be using gold currency to buy gold with zero gain. You'd have to buy additional gold for minting with something else that you have a surplus of. We could sell our politicians!

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