Thursday, 3 November 2016

Mobile Electrickery

A report has found corruption at the top of Jacob Zuma's government. You don't say! That comes as a complete surprise to me and the rest of the world.

Went to Great Yarmouth for a business meeting yesterday and called in at Reading Services on the way back for a coffee, where I spotted  the Daily Mail on the paper stand. It transpires its staff (I hesitate to use the word reporters) snapped 17 foreign truck drivers on their mobile phones within a 90 minute period. I  can't believe for one minute they didn't see any British truck drivers on their mobile phones but, there again, that wouldn't play to their xenophobic gallery quite as well (I think the DM should be rebranded as the Völkischer Beobachter). In my experience of driving, it's usually white van man and women in sports cars who are never off their mobiles. Can't see high enough into trucks to determine whether a truck driver is hanging on his mobile.

2nd cabin has been plastered internally (not that you'd plaster a wooden cabin externally) and the power cable is being laid today.

Couldn't use the power cable going to the first cabin to service the 2nd one, as the load will be too much for the house, so a totally new supply. Might use the new supply for the 1st cabin too, so they are independent of the house should we ever want to separate the house from the cabins in a sale.

The garden is becoming a crisscross of pipes and cables, so we really need to map out all the stuff lying under the soil.

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  1. As built maps are really a must for the future