Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Patented, Globalised Candles

That's the last time I ever order anything to be delivered by IKEA. Bought some large candles and a bunch of tealights ready for Christimas; total order value was something like 40 quid; delivery 10 days. I wouldn't mind, but we have one of their stores not 7 miles away. Should have spent an hour over the weekend going there instead.

While we were having our weekend walk, Hay and I discussed what we'd 'invent' if we were to go back in time some 600 years with today's knowledge. Hay opted for a simple form of food preservation; I  chose electricity before realising I'd first need to invent patent lawyers. Supermarkets would be a good idea and instead of calling it Waitrose, I'd call it War-of-the-Roses, complete with a swords and armour essentials aisle.

Going back to the issue of globalisation leaving people behind; the Industrial Revolution and the British Empire were the largest ever globalisation projects, They were both British and benefited only a few (but not necessarily just those at the top of the pile), but a whole new middle class of entrepreneurs and administrators was created.

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