Friday, 25 November 2016

Animal Candle Underpants

Overheard while watching The Supervet:

Chairman: "There's a symbiotic relationship between man and dog, unlike man and cat, which is totally one sided."

Hay: "A bit like man's relationship with woman."

Black Friday. What a load of over-hyped nonsense. No doubt the unsustainable national credit card debt will notch up by yet another few points today.

I finally got my IKEA mail order candles on Wednesday. 4 of the 6 large candles arrived broken in the middle. 5 days now for them to respond (according to the website) and then another 10 day wait for the new delivery (assuming they're not broken too) and I may just get them before Christmas.

Hay ordered kitchen and bathroom tiles by mail order last week in separate consignments. All of them arrived broken - to give the firm their fair due, they replaced them all and gave us a 10% discount, but they can't be making any profit on that. It happened with the tiles for first cabin we built too.

Do you remember in the 50s and 60s your mum insisting you went out with clean underpants in case you were involved in a traffic accident and had to go to hospital? I always imagined some form of underpants triage taking place at hospitals with the nurse saying; "He hasn't got clean underpants on - put him to the end of the queue. I blame his mother"


  1. I don't understand why a clever chappie like your self does not make his own candles. I used to when I lived in the UK and it is quite easy.

    1. I did have a go some years ago when I lived on the boat. Made those massive ones with three wicks. However, it was such a faff (not to mention expense) and the IKEA ones are so cheap. They tend to burn quite slowly too (and evenly).

  2. Thank God! I thought someone was going to mention Going Commando.