Saturday, 5 November 2016

Squaring the Circle in 4 Weeks

Overheard in the garden:

Colin: "Won't be here on Monday as I have to go to my uncle's funeral. He was 58, looked as healthy as you or me and was dead of cancer within 5 weeks."

Chairman: "If he looked as healthy as you, I'd have given him 4 weeks."

Later when driving into Bath:

Chairman: "Shall we park by The Circus? Is it called The Circus - you know, that round square? Well, it's not exactly square, it's a circle, but a square can be round if by a square you mean a grassed area in the middle of some houses...."

Hay: "I think you should stop there before you disappear up your own backside."


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    1. What with me being lapsed and apostate Holy Royal Arch, you have a point.