Friday, 18 November 2016

The Magic Roundabout

You know those people who insist on using the inside lane of town centre roundabouts to go straight ahead? I'm starting to get quite adept at forcing them to keep going round the roundabout for a full loop once they realise they have to use their car as a dodgem to nudge me out of the correct lane.

It's guaranteed to happen to me at least a couple of times a week. At one particular roundabout it's caused by queues on the run-up to go left due to traffic lights within 100yds of the roundabout exit, so those in a hurry dodge into the right-hand lane to try and beat the traffic and go straight ahead. A dangerous practice.

Remember the mystery yellow road sign from last week? Here it is - any  guesses?


  1. The roundabout users that tuly annoy me are the one who don't indicate and the others who signal right and turn left
    the incredible morons !

  2. It's a sign to indicate a diversionary route, see here

    1. Ah. solved. But there isn't a diversion.

  3. Is it a holiday route, they use that type of sign to designate a holiday route.

  4. Or the Urban Code of Signals for directions to the local Indian restaurant...