Friday, 4 November 2016

Capability Colin

Water pipe connected and buried, new power supply cable laid and covered - Capability Colin was busy as Hell yesterday.

So the Brexit plan has to be laid before Parliament and we have our country back! Parliamentary sovereignty rules, which is exactly what Brexiteers were arguing for. Two civil wars were fought over this very issue in the 1600s - Parliament had issue with the Royal Prerogative.

The only real way to decide this is through a General Election but, given most Tories are anti-Brexit, it would be a brave move by May to call one. What would be the Tory manifesto pledge be? It's an utter mess and all caused by Cameron pandering to his right wing and not paying attention to the consequences. No  wonder he resigned.

It's certainly true we were taken into the EEC illegally, hence Wilson's retrospective referendum. However, even that was illegal as we weren't in the EEC in the first place.

That said, Parliament is sovereign in this issue, and rightly so. Whether we end up out or in, mob rule is not something I relish.

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