Saturday, 12 November 2016

Mystery Armistice Road Sign Tablets


Chairman: "We could spend the evening playing Leonard Cohen songs on Youtube."

Hay: "OK - I'll get the razor blades and Diazepam."

I can't think of a single member of my family who died in either WWI or WWII. The Dutch side of my family skews the stats somewhat, as Holland was neutral in WWI. However, the British side of my family was huge, although mostly women, which may explain a lot.

Coming out of one of our local roundabouts there's a mystery traffic sign. A yellow background with a black arrowhead and black spot. Haven't the vaguest idea what it means. Can't even find an image of it on Google. Any ideas?

I see Trumps is already back-peddling on some of his election commitments. Seems the candidate for change is for changing. I wonder how long it will be before his supporters desert him and he's labelled as yet another establishment stooge. There's even talk of him being impeached for something - anything (instigated by Republicans) - in order to put Pence in the White House.


  1. What amazes me about the 'intelligencia' them that would like us to believe that they are in the know. Is this they Failed to understand that Mister Trump is a salesman. A clever lad who knew exactly what the people he was talking to wanted to hear and so he fed them the lines and they in turn voted for him - it was so easy . I understand from one of his friends he is actually very surprised that his sales technique worked on so many !

    1. It comes back to bite you in the bum though, when what you bought doesn't work in the way it's meant to.