Saturday, 19 November 2016

Coffee Envy in the Big County of Yorkshire

I'm certain this DeLonghi Nespresso machine I liberated from work when we had to close down our office in Southampton is costing me a fortune in pods, even though I use the el-cheapo Lidl pods. However, a couple of espressos in the morning is so seductive, as well as keeping part of Europe alive in our house (and keeping me bouncing around the room).

After having seen the Led Zep tribute band, Whole Lotta Led, the other week, Hay asked me whether there was a tribute band festival - and bugger me, there is - TribFest in Yorkshire!

Talking of The Big County - was watching The Sons of Katie Elder on TV; why is it that the theme of the film (and other films, like The Big Country), having lots of strings and brass, came to be associated with cowboy films in the 60s? I suppose it all changed with The Good, The Bad and the Ugly genre, but for a time it was full orchestras, which you don't tend to get on cattle drives.

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  1. I do have Dolce Gusto coffee machine. The pods cost an awful lot. I suspect they put something addictive to it. Quite the same they do with Whiskas...