Thursday, 24 November 2016

Representation of Safeway

No taxation without representation was a mantra of the nascent USA. In the USA a company is treated as a person through the concept of corporate personhood. In EU law, corporate personhood is established via certain 'human' rights, but without many of the drawbacks. Corporations can claim the right to a fair trial, which not only effectively enshrines their current equality with real people before the law, but means that, for example, corporations cannot be made to incriminate themselves, which may allow them to conceal relevant documents in criminal cases.

Here is an interesting read on the subject in pdf form from Corporate Watch.

The question is, if corporations are accepted as persons, should they be allocated a vote, especially on issues which will affect them more than the average person, such as Brexit, for example? Analyse and discuss.

Health tourism is estimated to cost the NHS £500m a year. When considering how this could be reduced, one has to consider what percentage could actually be recovered (some may not be able to pay and others may simply not pay and skip the country) and the cost of policing/recovery. 

I hear Morrison's is to relaunch the Safeway brand.  Isn't that a bit like rebranding comprehensives as academies and expecting improved results? We've got two of these academies within about 5 miles, and they both need improvement, according to Ofsted. A bit of a damning indictment on ideologically driven policy.

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