Friday, 9 March 2018

Amazon Dash Toy

Hay showed me something incredible yesterday - an Amazon button - called a Dash Button - for ordering more crap when you are about to run out of existing stocks of that crap.

Pressing the button links to Amazon through your house internet connection and automatically places the order.

Kid are going to love that - just keep pressing every button you see on the new toy and wait for a massive bulk order that will last several years to arrive, surprising and delighting your parents! 

Whatever happened to just adding a line item to your shopping list and getting whatever you want from a supermarket, rather than paying an exorbitant price that includes a delivery charge on a single item?

I had to change my gym regime last week - I'd overextended myself on the wheelie rolls and torn something just under my sternum, which was agonising. Left off from the wheelie rolls completely for 7 days to give me some recovery time and replaced them with pushing the 10kg weights up over my head 10 times per session. I increased the number of sessions to at least 6. so that was 20 arm lifts 20 side curls and 10 vertical pushes with the dumbbells 6 times aday. I've now started the rolls again, but being careful not to roll out too far, retaining the vertical pushes, but aiming to increase these to 20, which will be tough, but achievable.

There's new research that proves older people who do regular exercise have much better immune systems.

I'm on 84kg on a non-skinny day and 83.5 at the end of a skinny day, and I've dropped 2 belt notches. My shirts and T shirts are starting to become tight around the shoulders and arms, so some positive body shape things are happening. May start an Old Sodbury Over 60s Gentleman's Gym in the Village Hall 3 nights a week. Hay says I'm not qualified, but I am, as I'm 62, 63 in a couple of weeks...


  1. Warned you about the wheelie. I am still paying for it. It used to called an isometric wheel and I had to stop using it altogether.

    1. I'm back on it now - the strain has repaired. Not stretching out as far now though.