Saturday, 24 March 2018

Things to Ponder

Overheard in The Old Ferry Inn, Fowey, where we're staying for a couple of nights:

Chairman: "You don't like sauternes, do you?"

Hay: "No, but I do like a muscat."

Chairman: "That's a small, furry animal, ain't it?"

I'm getting the distinct impression that Trump is having the scrape the nutter barrel in order to find people prepared to work in his administration. All the sane ones have been purged and his choice is now extremely limited. He's drained the swamp and built a lunatic asylum on it. Why does he appoint people who are eminently unsuited and then fire them a couple of months down the line. It really calls his judgement into question.

Confused the hell out of someone at a motorway service station coffee outlet yesterday when I asked for a flat black. We ordered a latte for me and a black coffee with hot milk for Hay in the restaurant last night and, once Hay had added the milk to hers, I couldn't see any difference.

Pyjamas - what's the point? They're restrictive in bed, for a start. I can understand their purpose in pre-central heating and pre-duvet days, but not since.

Why does the place in which a dog has a crap have to smell right, and what's the difference between the odour of a wrong place and a right place? There must be some essential difference.

When tarmac is subject to potholes and cobbles aren't, because they move rather than crack, why don't we have more cobbled roads like they do on the continent? The short term laying cost of tarmac is probably a lot cheaper, but long term maintenance of just has to be more expensive, by a long chalk. Additionally, with the advent of silent electric cars, cobbles at least provide an audible warning. Anyone for cobbled motorways?

Spotted this on the Bodinnick to Fowey ferry yesterday:

I wondered whether it was Cornish tarmac...

Did Leatherman, the company that make those folding pocket tools, ever regret using that name?

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