Friday, 2 March 2018

Weather in The West

Well, Hay went to London yesterday morning but only got as far as Didcot. She did, however, manage to get a train back from there and arrived home safely. I just can't understand how we're so unprepared and it's not as if the temperature is that low. We're in the middle of a red warning area and the snow here isn't even snow; it's ice crystals that just blow around in the wind like powder into small drifts - I suppose that could feasibly be worse for vehicular traction than snow. It's like Brexit being played out in weather terms - no preparation whatsoever.

Had to laugh last night on the local news about the weather when a pensioner was asked whether he had plenty of food in stock - he said his freezer was full. Pretty ironic in this weather.

Some places had 2 feet of snow, apparently...

Been watching a series on Netflix called Robert Redford's The West, which is a drama documentary that puts all the famous Wild West stories into perspective along a timeline. I'm quite addicted to it - all this occurred within a very short space of time and putting the various stories together in this manner makes you realise just how short it was. The series shows Custer's Last Stand, Billy the Kid, the James Gang, Wyatt Earp, etc., all set against the politics of the Grant and Hayes administrations.

The one problem I have with scenes having American Indians (or Native Americans, as we now call them) is that they seem to have nothing that even approaches a normal conversation. Each utterance is delivered in a most stentorian manner with as few words as possible.

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