Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Plenty of Internet Dough

Had no internet all day yesterday and so used my phone's 50gb data allowance. What else could I have expected? I've never, ever had a smooth transition from one ISP to another. Given I received two routers from Vodafone (one being from the initial, cancelled order), I had a thought this morning that perhaps the routers are somehow automatically registered on the network with a hardware dongle that's linked to a particular order number, and so switched to the last delivered one. Bingo!

No faster service though, despite the headline speed advertised being higher. That's probably a function of the line to the house and can't be changed without the tail circuit being fibre too. The main advantage though is no line rental. One challenge is to find out how to block No.2 Son's access after certain times in the evening - there doesn't seem to be a blocking facility on the DSL.

Have read that Vodafone degrades once there are more than 5 to 8 simultaneous connections, which will be an issue here with some 14 odd connections, at least. Will get No.1 Son to put the system through its paces today and make a decision based on that.

When we went to the Oxfam shop in Stroud over the weekend I noticed some bread mix for sale.

You simply add beer to it and bung it on the oven for a lovely beer bread. However, once you clock the price you realise it's designed for the profligate.

Add something like £1.50 (minimum) for a beer to the £4.99 price, you end up with what must be the most expensive bread on the planet.

This, however, is a neat idea for keeping the garage tidy:

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