Saturday, 3 March 2018

Balancing Act on Facebook

This episode of cold weather has made me reconsider the entire validity of balancing the underfloor heating. 

The original issue was that No.2 Son's bedroom just wasn't getting much heat. My solution was to balance the system such that the return temperature from each loop was the same but, in this very cold weather, I've had to turn up the water temperature to 60 degrees C, and the living room still doesn't get up to the required 21 degrees, hovering around 19.8 and No'2 Son's bedroom not getting above 17.5 degrees. Thus the water is constantly circulating through all the loops, with the living room (being the largest floor area) taking the lion's share of the thermal capacity.

I've now opened all the valves fully (still at 60 degrees), expecting the living room to get up to temperature quickly, with the respective valves then closing automatically and diverting the majority of the heat to No.2 Son's bedroom, which is where it's sorely needed. Once all the rooms (there are only 2) reach their desired temperature, I should be able to reduce the circulating water temperature on this basis. Running the underfloor at 60 degrees is costing over 10 quid a day with the system balanced.

I feel for remote, country pubs at this time - not only can't staff get to them, but even if staff live on site, customers can't risk going there.

Been having issues with Facebook on my phone - every time I open the app, old notifications persist on the bell-shaped notification icon. Finally found a solution; uninstall all the updates and then reinstall them. Problem solved.

The next problem to solve with Facebook is to get the notifications on the phone app to arrange themselves in chronological order, but that's something Facebook themselves have to arrange. Fancy arranging them in the order it thinks I'm interested to have them in. Such hubris.

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