Sunday, 11 March 2018


I have arranged to change my broadband provider from BT to Vodafone, primarily because Vodafone don't levy a line charge. Vodafone made all the arrangements but then, for reasons known only to themselves, cancelled the deal, but only after having instructed BT to cancel the existing contract. Vodafone apologised for this and added 50gb on the family's phone contracts as recompense, but there will now be a 2 day delay between the BT service switching off and the Vodafone service starting.

BT tried to get me back by highlighting all the wonderful services I'd be missing out on - services I don't actually use, need, nor ever would. Sorry, that doesn't make up for the additional £208 they want to charge me in line rental.

However, given we provide internet to our business tenants in one of the cabins, I had to find a solution to their problem for 2 days. Having asked a techie at work, I'm going to use my phone's additional 50gb of data. I'll need to use my laptop to hook on to my phone's data hotspot and then plug the laptop into the house LAN (the electricity ring main with powernet adaptors). I then change the laptop network adaptor settings to bridge the LAN and Wi-Fi adaptors and, hey presto, anyone on the LAN can access my phone's data, even the boys in the cabin 80m down the garden.

I tested it yesterday and it works a treat - I'll just have to keep an eye on the data volume.

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