Saturday, 10 March 2018

Opt-Out - Opt-In on Facebook Market

Trump's team are claiming Trump's stance on Kim Jong-Un has been vindicated. I'd imagine Kim Jong-Un is claiming his stance on Trump has been vindicated, along with claiming the moral high ground for having offered a meeting. What's the betting it will be on Kim Jong-Un's ground?

A while ago, Luxembourg's Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, accurately summed up the ridiculous status of Brexit - the UK was in the EU, but had a lot of opt-outs; now the UK want to be out of the EU, but is demanding a lot of opt-ins. The irony is that the opt-ins were never on the table in the first place and make a mockery of leave means leave.

Ever tried to buy something on Facebook Market? It's tortuous. You express an interest and whoever is doing the selling gets back to you 2 days later and say it's still available. You then immediately ask them for an address and pick-up time and they respond with nothing more than a postcode. You ask them for the house number and a pickup time and, if you're lucky, they get back in 48 hours with a house number but no time. This goes on and on till a week later you have meaningful data on which to base a collection.

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