Monday, 19 March 2018

Circular Mascara Internet Conundrum

Overheard while Hay was reading the Sunday Times Style supplement:

Hay: "Here we go, a mascara for £28. What was I doing buying one for £6?"

Hay finds the whole mascara thing baffling. She maintains it shouldn't be so complicated - mascara does one thing only, but the same product made by the same manufacturer is broken out into a myriad different 'lines' that are described differently yet, when the verbiage is analysed, do exactly the same thing.

I only learned yesterday that the clockwise Circle Line in London is no longer a circle. Hay is off to London today and needs to get to Belsize Park, which is near to where I used to live in Hampstead, so I gave her the benefit of my extensive knowledge of the London Underground, which is, apparently, lamentably out of date. I'm going to need a new map.

Today is the switch-over from BT to Vodafone for my internet service. I may be some time...

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