Sunday, 18 March 2018

Gateway Harpy Food

Overhead in the Stroud Oxfam shop:

Chairman: "Shouldn't be shopping here according to many, what with all this kerfuffle about Oxfam and sexual harassment."

Hay: "Yes, but this is nice - it's pure cotton."

I'm down to 82kg with my exercise and calorie restriction regime - that's 6kg lost in just over a month with 2 to go. The calorie restriction has comprised the normal 5-2 diet, but on the normal 5 days I only have an evening meal and satisfy any hunger pangs during the day with the odd tangerine.

Yesterday we went to Stroud market and when there we usually call in at a local cafe - J.Rools - for brunch. I was tempted to have a toasted bacon sandwich but, for the first time in my life, I considered this treat a gateway bacon butty - it could have led me astray and into the realms of cheese sandwiches or (heaven forbid) a sausage and egg butty and had to resist. I settled instead for a poached egg and rejected the gateway to perdition.

Spotted this family family outside the cafe playing what looked like homemade harps. Mother and daughter, plus son (out of shot, but must have been all of 9 years old). The kids took it in turn to play with mum.

They were raising money for their donkey sanctuary. It was bitterly cold and must have frozen their fingers to the bone.


  1. You are doing much better than I at present: I dropped 4 stones down to 92 Kg but recently I have gained 5 Kg.

    Would that be Nailsworth donkey sanctuary? My future daughter in law took us there to see the donkeys when we visited her and My son just before Christmas.

  2. It is indeed the Nailsworth sanctuary.