Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Communist Vodafone Connect

I was doing my usual ennui thing yesterday of baiting Uber-Brexiteers with facts (they don't like 'em) and was amazed to see a Ukip supporter accusing Corbyn of loving Russia because it's a communist country. I don't know where these Brexteers have been since the cold war, but near a news outlet hasn't been one of the locations. Russia couldn't be more fascist if it tried, for God's sake. Perfect country for Farage followers though, if only they realised how close the country's political system is to their political ideal.

So, the Vodafone Connect router is a heap of crap. Very basic with no facilities for doing a bit of work on your LAN, such as blocking certain IP addresses between set times. However, I did manage to get the username and password for my specific account (I was correct yesterday in assuming the router has the account details hard coded into it before shipping, which was why the device that was mailed to be for the cancelled order didn't work). That means I can use a 3rd party router with more facilities which facilitate much more in the way of finger-poking. Can't, however, use the old BT router - I tried this morning.

I know speeds can vary for a while when you switch ISP, but this is ridiculous:

Obviously, making the router a simple, unhackable device saves on tech support issues and allows a lower level of skill at the Vodafone help desk.

I'll give it a few days, but if the speed doesn't improve, I'll revert to BT.