Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Bee's Knees

It seems our ancestors weren't that kind to bees. Everyone will recognise a bee skep, even if they don't know the word.

They're the universal sign for honey and many honeypots are made in this shape.

Having bought some local honey a few weeks ago, I did a bit of research into beekeeping, possibly with a view to having a hive or two in the field.

Skeps are what our ancestors used to keep bees, but because there's no internal structure for the bees to produce honey on, they start on the inside sides of the skep and just add to it. Skeps are much cheaper to produce than the modern hive, but the downside is that because the combs and honey are attached to the inside of the skep, the bee colony has the be destroyed in order to harvest the honey. Not the most ecologically sound method of beekeeping. 

The development of the modern hive, with removable internal panels on which the honey forms, meant the colony didn't have to be destroyed.

Is it me, or are the newspapers (even those with a pro-Brexit slant) starting to show a distinct anti-Brexit flavour?

Rod Liddl in the Sunday Times - he's trying too hard - he's attempting a Clarkson, but without the panache. Massive fail, which is sad, as he used to be quite funny and could occasionally out-Clarkson Clarkson.

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  1. I can't understand anyone who can be declared as sane wanting brexit.....maybe that tells us something..