Thursday, 15 March 2018

Putin's Obesity Olympics

Putin is facing an election (admittedly the choice is Putin vs Putin), but what better way to galvanise Russian public opinion; topping a traitor who divulged Russian secrets appeals to the patriots and claiming you're a scapegoat of the West will get the rest on your side. A veritable masterclass in public manipulation. Of course, it also plays into Mrs May's hands, but there's very little she can actually do and if she's tricked into a precipitative response she may come off looking weak and wobbly. It's rather obvious that while she's embattled by Brexit she needs some popular opinion on her side for a change and so her reaction is entirely predictable - and Putin knows that too.

Tory, and some Labour voices, are rounding on Corbyn for demanding positive proof and for any response to adhere to protocol. Corbyn is right, whatever you think of him - history is on his side. As for calling him a Russian puppet, as some of the right-wing press are doing, Russia is as near to a fascist dictatorship as one can get and I don't believe Corbyn is in love with fascism - he is, however, in love with due process and dialogue, rather than belligerent posturing, and has consistently been of that opinion throughout his career. Even France has said it will not respond until it receives proof, no matter the circumstantial evidence.

Why do humungously overweight people insist on wearing tracksuits emblazoned with words like 'ATHLETIC'? I understand that for people who are morbidly obese a tracksuit is probably very forgiving and comfortable, but they just don't seem to understand the irony of having sporty words plastered all over them when they are obviously the least athletic people on the planet.

I suppose there is the remote possibility they're trying to shed weight and have just returned from or are on the way to a gym. No, I didn't think so either. Saw one in the local Vodafone shop yesterday - simply gargantuan.

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