Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bowel Drivers

Listening to the political parties is becoming boring. Hay says she'd vote for anyone who would just keep things the way they are - never mind about eye-catching policies..

Farage last night speaking total bollocks: "I speak to people who say they're working as hard as they ever have, but they're no better off." Well why the hell should they be? To be better off you work much harder than you ever have, or change to a higher paid job. If you're working no harder, then you can only expect to stay where you are. Bloody demagogues promising the earth for no change!

There's always one, isn't there? My eBay advert for No.1 Son's motorbike specifically states the auction will run to the end and that there is no Buy it Now Price (and, incidentally, there are 77 watchers), yet some bright spark asks if there's a Buy it Now Price. Give me strength - some people just haven't got the sense they were born with. They probably believe politicians.

The bowel cancer test was a bit messy -  now I know where AA Milne got the idea for Pooh sticks from.

A friend posted something of Facebook yesterday about driverless cars. This is going to wipe out White Van Man within 10 years. along with bus drivers, lorry drivers - in fact any job depending on drivers, which should make the motorways a bit more pleasant to drive along, as all driverless trucks could be forced to stay in the inside lane rather than blocking the dual carriageways in protracted, 30 minute attempts at overtaking another lorry.

The downside is that an entire working class occupation will be wiped out. I wonder what will replace it.

Personally, I'd prefer to remain in control of my car. If someone else is driving, the options are complete boredom or reading, which invariably makes me queasy.

Spotted another PvB car in Yate yesterday - seems I'm not the only personalised PvB prat in the village:

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