Sunday, 26 April 2015

Male Book Club Tour of Chipping Sodbury

Hay and her sister were talking about the latest book that they're reading for the book club. I suggested the members' husbands/partners should start one. Suggested reading would comprise:

  1. Haynes Manuals,
  2. Screwfix catalogue,
  3. Tool instruction manuals,
  4. Comics.
There would be absolutely nothing by that hideous pink woman - can't remember her name - she was always seen with a poodle.

Hay is going on one of these new-fangled juice diets that's meant to be a 2 day detox. More like a 2 day eating disorder. Spent double what we normally spend in fruit and veg yesterday. I think she'll regret it after the first day.

Thought I'd give you a short tour of Chipping Sodbury High St. We probably have more pubs than the average village - The Portcullis, The Beaufort Hunt, The Squire, The George, The Grapes, The Royal Oak and The Horseshoe - all within a space of less than a quarter of a mile (not all of these below are pubs):

RC Church vicarage.
The George - it has oak beams allegedly recovered from the wreck of an Armada vessel.
Town Hall.
Old merchant's house.
A cafe that's changed hands many times.
This building has a history, but it eludes me.
The Beaufort Hunt.

The bank and Bank Chambers.
The Squire.
The Portcullis.
This one is where Edward Jenner lived for a while when an apprentice surgeon. 

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