Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bowel Matters Overheard

Overheard at the greengrocer's:

Hay: "Do you want to get some oranges?"

Chairman: "Oranges are not the only fruit! What was that about?"

Hay: "It was a book - and do you know what it was about?"

Chairman: "A story about the greengrocery business?"


Hay: "You should join our funding committee as a lay member."

Chairman: "Why?"

Hay: "Because we have an opinionated bastard on it who keeps getting his own way and we need another opinionated bastard to counter him."

Received a letter from the NHS this week - now I'm 60 I get 2 yearly bowel cancer tests, which increase in frequency when I get to 70. Seems a lot of money to spend to test everyone - no wonder they need an extra £8Bn. Surely they should focus only on those in high risk categories (perhaps I am...)?

Being of the medical persuasion, Hay told me about the test. Apparently I get a kit through the post, do a Number 2 into a pot, scrape some of it onto a card, and then send it off in the post again. No poo painting allowed. I was wondering whether I need to alert the Post Office with some kind of biological warfare alert. Apparently not.

I was listening to the various parties trumpeting their plans for NHS funding on the radio yesterday morning. The fact is we have an ageing population and fewer workers than ever supporting that growing population of pensioners. State pensions, benefits and top-notch NHS care just aren't sustainable in anyone's calculations and something has to give way or taxes increased dramatically - for all - but it's heresy and electoral suicide to say that. Truth is a casualty in today's politics.

Someone will have to give an unpalatable truth one day, and then all the other parties will have to cave in once their policies are proven the be nothing but chaff in the wind after a disastrous period in government. However, not only are politicians deceiving us, but we are willingly allowing ourselves to be deceived.

I discovered Shropshire Blue last week - well recommended to all turophiles. I don't usually shop at Waitrose (unless I'm out of Waitrose Essential cinnamon and gooseberry yoghurt), but their Shropshire Blue is gorgeous.

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