Monday, 27 April 2015

Overheard Reading the Sunday Paper.

Hay: "Sunday Times Rich List - who gives a toss, except possibly those in it? I'm fed up with all these Sunday papers. If I could take the best bits of the Sunday Times and best bit's of the Gurniard, perhaps I'd have a half decent paper to read."

Chairman: "It's spelled Grauniad."

I really despair of some of the people who have a right to vote. There was an article in the Grauniad about the rich doubling their wealth in the last 10 years - it made it to Facebook. Almost all the comments decried this and maintained it was grossly unfair to the poor and that wealth should be taxed more, despite this doubling in wealth occurring almost exclusively from the growth in share prices, which is notional wealth (not hard cash) aligned to growth of the economy and thus jobs. Tax shares on their growth in value - and before they're sold - and soon we'd all have no companies to work for in the first place. The financial ignorance of the man on the Clapham omnibus knows no bounds and is truly astonishing.

Some more images of Chipping Sodbury High Street:

 Jack Russell's gallery (the cricketer and painter).
 Hobb's House Bakery (the Fabulous Baker Brothers' emporium of bread).
The Old Grammar School (Hay's dad went there).
The police station (Hay's dad probably went there too). 
 Some houses.
 ANother house.
 The Pottery.
 The Moda Hotel.
 Just a nice building.
 The Horseshoe pub.
 The hotel at the top of the street.
 Some 16th C cottages.
 The Grapes on the left, and a 16th C Indian restaurant.
 The workhouse.
 The house I lust after - but on a hideously busy road.
Same house, different aspect.

Chipping Sodbury is a working village and not a chocolate box one like Bourton-on-the-Water, although it could easily become so with the right tweaks, But we don't want that kind of innovation here.

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