Friday, 24 April 2015

Supermarket Politics

Having already watched Miliband Minor, we watched 3, back-to-back Leader Interviews on iPlayer last night; Farage, Cameron and Clegg. 


  • Talks a good talk - an adept political operator and manipulator.
  • Knows exactly what he has said previously, as he can guarantee that whatever he utters will be scrutinised and taken out of context. Constantly had to correct Davis.
  • Attacked Evan Davis as being part of the liberal metropolitan elite - i.e. the BBC - which he is. Davis' trousers were far too short, by the way.
  • Unfortunately, he is UKIP and personifies them - it's a one man party. Without him the party is dead in the water, as the rest seem to be loose canons or fringe nutters.
  • We were waiting for and counting the number of; "Mess we inherited," statements. There were two, and one; "Inherited an out of control welfare system."
  • Came across as statesmanlike, reasonable and wanting to build on success.
  • Davis didn't really seem to be able to rattle him about anything.
  • Explained why his party reneged on tuition fees, which I have always thought was a reasonable excuse - they were in a coalition as the minor party, not as the major party. They were destined to be forced to dump some of their policies. The fact that with only 9% of the seats they managed to sustain 3/4 of their major policies was a minor miracle.
  • Reasonable and seeking the centre ground.
  • The minute I saw him speaking fluent Dutch in a clip, that did it for me - coming over here and taking all our political jobs....
It seems UK politics has gone from the classic Tesco / Sainsbury battle to now having to include Aldi and Lidl as forces to be reckoned with.


Steve Borthwick said...

I'm still looking for a Waitrose..

Chairman Bill said...

Steve, that'll be the monarchists.