Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Feeling Better Off for Navy Cuts

I knew they were making cuts in the Strategic Defence Review, but this is surely ridiculous!

TV and radio interviewers asking the electorate about whether they feel any better or worse off under any or other government amuse the hell out of me. I think I can honestly say that nothing a government has ever done has affected whether I felt better or worse off.

  1. Being made redundant made me feel worse off,
  2. Promotion made be feel better off,
  3. Changing my job completely made me feel better off,
  4. Paying off my mortgage in 3 years will make me feel better off,
  5. Retiring will make me feel worse off.
None of the above were (or will be) as a result of pre-election party policy - they were, or will be, the result either of myself, or market confidence in response to macro events.

Changes in taxes or fax free allowances, or whatever, which are the only tools governments have to affect whether I indeed could feel better or worse off, are generally so miniscule in effect as to be worthless in affecting my sense of prosperity. 

Unless entire organs of government are axed and the resulting money released as tax cuts (which is highly unlikely - although the MoD is pretty close to that), what the government gives with one hand, it has to take back with the other - that's how government and taxation work.

Given government taxation policy is aimed at transferring money between the wealthy and the poor - in one direction or another - I guess I'm just in the vast middle swathe that's unaffected, yet is asked to decide in which direction that transfer occurs. I've not had a pay rise in 4 years, but I feel no worse off.

I hear the Hatton Garden heist police are investigating a tool robbery. Hope they don't notice the massive increase in power tools in my engine room over the last month.

Given he hasn't used it in anger once, I'm selling No.1 Son's Gilera DNA on eBay. It's been on eBay since Saturday and finishes this coming Saturday, and I already have 71 watchers and 17 bids. I must have hit the perfect time for selling 50cc bikes.

Received the over 60s bowel cancer screening test kit yesterday. Not looking forward to using it. It will result in certain unpleasantness for someone.

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Alan Burnett said...

You are selling your son's DNA on eBay! Never heard of that before? As for feeling better off I can assure you that you will feel spiritually better off when you pass over (into retirement). And given your success with your lad's DNA on eBay, maybe there is an alternative outlet for the screening kit.