Saturday, 11 April 2015

Cupboard Love on the A4135

Is it me, or is Milliband increasingly looking as if he should be a character from a Wallace and Gromit film, especially when he grins?

Hay is having a clearout of the coats from the wardrobe:

Hay: "So which coats don't you ever wear?"

Chairman: "That hideous brown one."

Hay: "That's one of mine!"

Chairman: "That probably explains why I never wear it."

Added a compressor and a few air tools to the armoury this week. Nice air shears - can't wait to find something to use them on. Hay tutted when it was all delivered.

Took the hardtop off the Merc this week, but as the engine room is full of tools, I have nowhere to store it.

However, we put the patio furniture out and Hay's dad has his summer house back for the summer.

.....unless I can persuade him to store the hardtop there...

Alighted on a boring, but local, Wikipedia entry yesterday, quite by accident. A page dedicated to the A4135. This got me interested and I found most A roads have a Wiki page - even the A432 outside our drive.

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