Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Banksy II

This appeared on the railway bridge at the back of our lane on Sunday morning.

Artistic merit; zero
Irony: zero
Social commentary; zero
Political commentary; zero


  1. "Artistic merit - zero" With a little retouching I could probably enter it for my Sunday Surrealism competition.

  2. Well everyone knows that Tanner loves men but I can't quite see what Ben Morris smokes.

  3. Ben Morris smokes crocs ? My friend Simon smokes ham. As for the Tanner (son of Elsie ?) comment, I think it's rather sweet.

    The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Stop being a grumpy old man!

  4. In the absence of comedic talent, a blatant knob reference will provide succour; and so it was written.

  5. If it is written..it must be true, right?
    I hate graffiti!

  6. Unfortunately, for every Banksy there's thousands of talentless cretins, and it's usually only their work we get to see.