Monday, 7 September 2009

Genetic modification gone mad!

Boffins create runner bean / pig hybrid.

This was spotted by Hay's sister yesterday while picking runner beans in the veg garden - a bean shaped like a pig's tail. I'm getting very worried about this genetic modification.


  1. The bean simply started growing out to meet the English summer and then, following that fortnight in June, realised it was winter and started going back in again, then there was a couple of days in July - out - and then most of August - in - ... well you get the idea

  2. Alan: That's too simple an explanation. It's obviously half pig. Well, either that or God did it.

  3. You're beginning to sound like Esther Rantzen...does Hay's sister also have tomatoes shaped like you-know-whats and carrots shaped like thingummyjigs...?

  4. Any fool can see this is too complex to have come about by mere chance, a designer is obviously required, a curly wurley designer of course.

  5. Louise: Being organic, it would not surprise me in the least.

    Steve: Perhaps one famed for his fjords.

  6. I'm pining for those fjords.

    The bean seems obvious to me : famous dish in one fell swoop - pork and beans.

    Did you miss me ?