Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Building work begins - with an accident

Well, Colin and Barry – our builders – cleared the build site yesterday, but not before Colin had brained himself on the digger before even starting.

The spoil was taken to the top of the field and having some lush vegetation in it, the sheep decided to become mountain sheep.

Colin – who happens to be a neighbour and friend – has promised that within two weeks he’ll have reached damp course.

The building inspector visited the site too yesterday and gave us some much welcome news: providing the willow and two leylandii come down, we need only take the foundations down to 1 metre and will not require a suspended floor.

Took delivery of a pair of varifocals yesterday. While they’re fine for driving, telling the time from your watch, reading menus and looking at ingredients in supermarkets, they’re as much use as diving goggles for working at a computer screen or doing any serious reading. You need to tilt your head so far back that you resemble one of the aristocracy, and even then the screen or page seems to bend down at the edges. At least I can now drive and read my e-mails simultaneously without switching glasses!

Thank God I took the precaution of getting the cheapest available while I made up my mind; don’t think I’ll bother with expensive ones as I’m still going to have to tote reading glasses around for use in the office.

The authorities in Aceh province, Indonesia, have passed a law making stoning to death a mandatory sentence for adultery along with severe sentences for rape, homosexuality, alcohol consumption and gambling. Attending prayers and dressing according to a Mulsim dress code have been mandatory for some time. What enlightened times we live in.

If you live in the UK and support our armed forces (the men, if not the wars), then here’s a worthwhile petition to sign to save the British Forces Post Office system.


  1. When I tried varifocals I finished up moving my head up and down so frequently that I gegan to resemble Noddy. When I complained to the Optician he came up with the bizarre suggestion that I should have the left lens in my glasses for long distance and the right for medium distance work. This was too eccentric for even me and I am pleased to relate that the poor man took early retirement on health grounds shortly after. Good luck with your build.

  2. re. Muslims in Aceh, I suppose at least they are being true to what it says in their holy book rather than changing the "interpretation" when the heat of reason becomes unbearable like our lot do; or perhaps they are going for some kind of Bronze age theme park?

  3. No, Varifocals are complete shit. 200 odd notes I paid for mine and reading is a bloody nightmare! Steer clear!

    Thats a nasty cut your mate has got.

    Good luck with building and that xxx

  4. "What enlightened times we live in." What, you live in Indonesia??

  5. Might I suggest that driving and reading emails simultaneously might be a tad dangerous?? :-)

  6. Alan: Thanks

    Steve: I like the idea of the Bronze Age theme park.

    Jenny: Cheers!

    Braja: The times, dear, the times.

    Louise: Says who? I can also read a book while driving.