Saturday, 19 September 2009

Footings In

You wouldn't believe how far the concrete delivery system can reach.

Cat made herself scarce yesterday; she was obviously aware of the superstition that burying a black cat in your walls or foundations is meant to bring good luck to a house and keep the nasty spirits away.

I'll end today with a question. Are there more words having the letter 'n' as the penultimate letter, or more words ending in 'ing'?


  1. I take it that's your foundations in. I am glad cat made herself scarce. People also believed burying a cat alive in your garden would keep the weeds away. ( Joanna Lumley told me on the cat programme on Sunday ).
    My bet is on the ing words.

  2. Karrie: The answer to the quation will appear tomorrow.

  3. I think I have just worked out your trick question but not before I had visions of you flicking through the OED counting the instances. I feel quite proud although it did take me a couple of hours to work it out. Nice foundations.

  4. Alan: Spill the beans, but don't give away the reasons.

  5. 14,267 14,268 14,269 14,270 ... Yes please, 2 sugars .... BUGGER!!! 1 2 3 4 5