Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bloody Life

Lost just over a pound on Tuesday evening – I gave blood again.

People like to think they’re something special by virtue of having a rare blood type, but when you think of it you’re much safer having a blood group that’s a common as muck – like my O/Rh+.

Despite Hay being well versed in matters biological, I had never asked her how long donated blood lasts. On attending the donor session I asked and was surprise to find it only has a shelf-life of between 30 and 45 days – and only 5 days if you’re just talking about donating platelets.

I was reading the Philosophy & Life blog yesterday which contained a 2nd hand piece about the purpose of life. I hate it when people look for a purpose to life, as I believe we determine our own purpose; life ‘is’ and if you keep looking for a purpose to it then it will pass you by.

If forced into defining a purpose then I would define it as adapting everything around us to make life just that bit more bearable for ourselves and our progeny. Enlightened existence I would call making life that bit more bearable for as many as possible, whereas unenlightened existence is concerned solely with the self.


  1. And therefore, having given blood to someone else and potentially helped to make their lives a little more bearable, you are truly enlightened. On a different question, what do they do with the blood when it is past its sell-by date? Reduce the price by 20% perhaps?

  2. Alan: Never though of it that way. Giving blood is something I only started doing recently.

    As for the blood that's past the sell-by date - ever wondered why black pudding is so cheap? That's going to turn you off black pudding forever - wish I'd never said it.

  3. You mean Monty Python's Meaning of Life was fiction????


  4. "That's going to turn you off black pudding forever - wish I'd never said it".
    So do I

  5. You? Common as muck? Never!
    I think I am nearly as common with type A Rh+ but not nearly so useful - isn't group O the universal donor?
    I'll second Alan on the black pudding comment...

  6. Mate, LIFE is...........what you make it
    Quit ye like strong !

  7. As to blood::: Mine is A/O.. Alcohol and Oxygen !