Saturday, 5 September 2009

Ganga Byron

Overheard in the caravan:

Chairman: “Shall we stay up all night and read poetry to each other?”
Hay: “You still reading that Byron biography?”
Chairman: “Mmm.”
Hay: "Thought so."

We were watching a TV documentary about the Ganges last night and how it’’s sacred to Hindus. While the upper reaches are beautiful, it’s only a river; get over it.


  1. Some of us are very fond of rivers. Later today I will be going down to bath in the holy Calder

  2. There was a restaurant near me in London called The Ganges something or other. That place was sacred to me on a Friday night.

  3. I live on the Ganges. And yeah, it's sacred. If you don't like that, tough shit, Bill :)

  4. Alan: And for me it's the holy Severn.

    Dave: Now a good curry house is sacred.

    Braja: Why? There are literally thousands of rivers, so what makes the Ganges special?

  5. I will not mock the faith of those who hold the Ganges as sacred - However I do get really bothered when I see people bathing in and drinking the water where human remains have gone before...

    Probably a little like your sacred e-Cigars, Sir?

    And where is dear kapgaf, shouldn't she be back by now?

  6. Woman: I don't mock; I merely fail to comprehend. The irony is that it's the river's very sacredness that causes it to be so hideously polluted.