Friday, 18 September 2009

Fuel For Thought.

Petrol in the UK has recently gone up by roughly 3%, whereas autogas (Calor) has increased by 10%. So much for persuading people to use more environmentally friendly fuels.

Here are a couple of thoughts for Friday:

Do intelligent people simply have a higher level of consciousness which enables them to assimilate more information about everything?

Did Jesus have a messiah complex?


  1. Jesus did have a "very naughty boy" complex though..

    So sorry, cheap shot I know, but hey it's Friday!

  2. If consciousness means "the executive control system of the mind" as Wiki says then there is little hope for the Good Lady Wife and the Lad who both have the most disorganised minds of anyone I know. I, however, have a mind like a metal filing cabinet.

  3. steve: Sorry - Hay got there before you with that quip.

    Alan: By consciousness I mean something beyond mere self-awareness. Dull people are self-aware, but are aware of little outside themselves.