Friday, 4 September 2009


Carrying on from yesterday’s theme of the purpose of life; here are my interpretations of the meaning of life for certain people:

  • Marketing people: to consume.
  • Paris Hilton: to shop.
  • A Member of Parliament: to work the expenses system and get a good non-exec directorship.
  • A philosopher: it depends on what you mean by ‘life’ – and what you mean by ‘purpose’.
  • A schizophrenic: to obey the voices.

Feel free to contribute your own suggestions.

Remember the ‘She-Wee’? Another variant, the ‘Ladybag’, has hit the market. Can’t really see the advantage over ‘au naturel’.

I hear that the incoming Japanese PM’s wife claims she’s been to Venus and eats the sun. I guess the Japanese are thank God she’s not the Japanese PM. I wonder what she sees as the purpose to life.


  1. Ladybag advantage over 'au naturel'? One word, Chairman: Spray.

    The purpose in life for the inventor of the Ladybag?: Ensuring that every woman in the world has dry ankles.

  2. mm.. the Ladybag, have these people never heard of bushes.
    Receptionist purpose in life: to get through each day without beating any customers to death or getting beaten to death. ( so far so good )

  3. Try asking her what Venus is really like. If she has some good answers, maybe...

  4. The meaning of life for my children is to ensure that their mother understands that "the age of leisure" is a term that does NOT apply to her...