Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Message to The Spiv

Firstly I must thank The Spiv for delivering the tajine he promised me a few months ago. Unfortunately Hay and I were in Cornwall and couldn’t be here to accept it personally and provide some refreshment and recompense for his efforts. Spiv old boy, I note the tajine had a price tag on it of 18 Euros, so let me know your address or bank account details and I’ll put £20 your way.

I’m not able to post much at present as I’m down by the head with work in the lead up to a couple of large and important bids that will bring in enough revenue to reach my target 3 months early, so please bear with me if I’m somewhat distracted for a few weeks.


  1. OK we'll bear with you.. but life is not quite the same without the morning dose of Chairman Bill

  2. I agree with Alan -- we're missing you!

  3. You will be missed - but needs must in this day and age. Hope that all goes well with the bids.

    Don't worry about money for the tajine, think of it as payment for all the enjoyment I've had reading your blog since the early eBay days! Just remember to soak it overnight or for about 12 hours before first use. After that, it only needs about 10 mins soaking each time. If you have a metal diffuser, and place it underneath the tajine, you can even use them on the stove or on a bbq. They're really quite versatile. Good luck with it, and I hope the meals taste fantastic.