Wednesday, 9 September 2009


There should be a ban on all alcohol advertising, including sports and music sponsorship, doctors say.

Can’t say I’ve noticed any increase in drinks marketing of late; however, thinking about it last night we concluded that it’s probably because we go to bed before the watershed and read, hence missing out on all the adult stuff.

I guess it's missed by marketing people that if you want to sell something to oldies it's pointless doing it after the watershed, as we're all asleep.


  1. I think its like the fag and cigar adverts, CB, they're being a bit hysterical. I miss those Hamlet adverts don't you? xx

  2. "The cost to the NHS for treating injury and illness linked to drink has been estimated to be anything up to £3bn a year in the UK". Where do they drag these statistics up from? If the young kids all drink non-stop and die of liver disease before they reach 40 we will save a fortune in elderly care costs. Oh how I long for the good old days ; "What's the beer that's always best, Watneys draft Red Barrel; the special beer that beats the rest ..... (comments interrupted as commentator is taken away to a Rest Home)

  3. Hi Chairman,

    I had to look up 'watershed', since I couldn't figure out why a water parting (I knew that) was significant.
    1.A ridge of high land dividing two areas that are drained by different river systems. Also called water parting.
    2.The region draining into a river, river system, or other body of water.
    3.A critical point that marks a division or a change of course; a turning point: “a watershed in modern American history, a time that … forever changed American social attitudes” (Robert Reinhold).

    I'm opting for the third definition and guessing that you must mean something like 12 o'clock at night? Please tell me if I'm wrong.


  4. I loved the Cinzano ads. Gotta point about us oldies being in bed by nine. Perhaps the marketers could use the inside back cover of books to advertise a drink suitable to the book you're reading...

  5. Jenny: I remember them well.

    Alan: And pensions.

    Carolina: 9pm.

    Louise: I doubt they'd be allowed to place adverts on the inside cover of The Beano.

    Apologies to all for not being able to reply during office hours, but there's an internet crack-down at work. We're being spied on.