Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Huff and Puff Fills Power Vacuum

Antonym of Power Vacuum?

The Libyan government has said it’s open to reform, but Gaddafi must stay in power to avoid a deadly power vacuum.

Hang on – he’s in power now and it’s a deadly power pressure chamber (if that's a suitable antonyn). Can it be any worse with a power vacuum?

Daily Mail Huffs and Puffs with Righteous Indignation

Apparently Nick Clegg has said that pushy parents should not be allowed to open doors to jobs for their children.

The Daily Mail accuses him of double standards on the basis of him having obtained his first two jobs through his father’s influence.

The Daily Mail just doesn’t grasp that Clegg is admitting this is wrong; nor does it grasp that Clegg Jr. is not accountable for what Clegg Sr. did 20 odd years ago.


  1. I suppose you could argue that as nature isn't too fond of a vacuum (I can't spell abhors) the vacuum is potentially more dangerous as it will draw in anything passing, and as Afghanistan proved way back in the 1980s, whatever is passing might be worse than what is there at the moment. Not that I am arguing that, I am quite comfortable sat here on the fence.

  2. Alan: I can't spell 'abhors' either. Neither can I spell 'neither' correctly. For some reason I always spell it as 'antidisestablishmentarianism'.

    Anyway, what could be worse than a civil war? An uncivil war?

  3. I got lost in the woods the other evening whilst wheeling my new Dyson home, I felt a shiver down my spine as I realised, nature abhors a vacuum..

  4. I know a bit about aboriculture AND I know what Gadaffi should do with his crevice attachment.