Thursday, 7 April 2011

Politics Today

MP Protection Programme Criticised

The Commons has been criticised for not publishing the sums given to retiring MPs, and those who lost their seats, in lucrative resettlement grants.

The grant, worth up to £64k, is used by ex-MPs to give them and their families totally new identities, thus keeping them safe from the electorate when they go into retirement.

MP Claims to Have Feelings

Nick Clegg, leader of the turncoat LibDems, has claimed that, contrary to empirical observation, he has feelings.

It also transpires that his sons call him ‘papa’, which alone is sufficient to make him an object of ridicule by the masses.

Cable Warns Unis Not to Do What Government Allows Them To

As Central Lancs, Nottingham, Portsmouth and South Bank universities announce they also are going to charge the maximum tuition fees that the government has said they can charge, Business Secretary Vince Cable has warned them not to charge what the government said they could charge.


  1. Lembit Opik used to have feelings, then Gabriela left him.

  2. I think reading your blog so much has caused me to become cynical. Your statutory Warning notice needs extending accordingly.