Monday, 4 April 2011

A Tale of Two Dictators

Syria’s Bashar Just Doesn’t Get It

As Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad appoints yet another drone to take the flak, he demonstrates that he’ just doesn’t understand that it’s him that the people want rid of.

He could appoint that much beloved character, Mohamed Al-Fayed, as prime minister and it still wouldn’t make one iota of difference.

Fulham FC Dictator Shows Signs of Megalomania

Fulham FC boss, Mohamed Fayed, has said Fulham fans can ‘go to hell’ if they don’t like his tacky and somewhat strange new statue of Michael Jackson, which for reasons unknown has been placed outside the club’s stadium.

Endearing himself to the club’s fans in the manner of a Middle East dictator, he also called non-appreciative supporters ‘stupid’ and said they can go and support Chelsea, or Bashar Al-Assad.


  1. The mixing of football and politics is an interesting field. I suppose in this country we prefer the dictatorship approach where the owner can do what he likes as it is his club, whereas Spain is more taken with the democratic approach where football club chairmen are elected into office by registered fans. Maybe the Champions League will decide which is the better system - dictatorship or democracy - and we can therefore avoid all this no-fly non-intervention stuff.

  2. Alan: what are you talking about? You know I am totally ignorant of football.

  3. Well, I would be quite happy to tell him where to stick his stupid tacky statue,and gladly go and support Chelsea (despite it being much more expensive to get in the ground!) because I've always thought he was an odious and tacky old git himself!

    But I guess its not that easy if you've been a lifelong Fulham supporter!

  4. I thought this was a late April Fool joke... but it's not... is it?