Friday, 8 April 2011


Thought Controlled Computer Mouse Cannot Be Used by Men

A new computer mouse capable for being controlled by thought must be kept away from men, say the developers.

The reason for this is that during trials it kept inexplicably clicking on porn sites.

Tevatron Researchers Discover Male Brain

Researchers at the Tevatron particle accelerator in the US think they have discovered a never-before-seen particle.

If proved, it will be a completely new, unanticipated particle. The researchers say it cannot be the much sought-after Higgs boson, but it could possibly be the male brain.



  1. I heard the new particle was Tony Blair's conscience.

  2. Did your wife write this post?

  3. Your post caused me to read the Wiki article on mysandry and it appears that the term was invented by men which is no surprise as a woman could never have thought such a thing up.

    (Your card has arrived, yours is almost in the post)