Thursday, 14 April 2011


AV Poll Misinformation

Those campaigning NO for the Alternative Vote are using the fallacy than it gives undue influence to minority parties. Isn’t that exactly the situation with the coalition we currently have where the minority LibDems hold the balance of power?

At least with AV, those of us who voted LibDem would have our votes redistributed according to our wishes, rather than at the capricious whim of Neck Clogg.

In any case, the AV would only be used in cases where no candidate managed to secure more than 50% of the votes – which I think is eminently fair and democratic. In papal elections, it has to be a 2/3rds majority – and what’s good enough for God’s representative on earth is good enough for me (despite me not believing in Him).

Additionally, the NO campaigners say First Past the Post has stood the test of time; well, so did the trilobite (about 500 million years), but it ain’t around now as it was an evolutionary dead-end. What’s so wrong with evolution?

Just because everyone else (except a few isolated states) votes according to FPTP, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best system. One time everyone believed the world was flat and it patently ain’t.

The only manner in which the NO campaign can show AV to be bad is if they manufacture highly contrived and unlikely scenarios.

The best advert in support of AV is the current government – an actual scenario in which, had AV been in place, we would now have a Labour coalition in accordance with the wishes of the vast majority of the electorate!

It is worth noting that the original democracy of Athens was based on politicians being appointed by lot, not by vote. The leading politician could also be ostracised for 10 years, to avoid civil war.

Vote Chairman Bill – you know it makes sense.

Chairman Demands Return to Profligate Spending

Chairman Bill, the well respected constitutional analyst, maintains that Britain’s only way out of the current economic gloom is to return to the good old days of profligate spending of other people’s money on useless items that aren’t actually needed.

“This,” says Chairman Bill, “will produce a consumer boom, which will drastically reduce unemployment levels and thus raise additional taxes to give to the poor and subsidise MPs’ expenses.”

Chairman Bill Demands to be Listened to

Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, is being encouraged to go and listen to the well respected constitutional and financial analyst, Chairman Bill, as part of his ‘listening exercise’ in respect of the NHS reforms.

Said the Chairman, “It would save Lansley a lot of time and effort if he just came and sat at my feet and listened to me spouting off about everything under the sun. He might even learn something.”


  1. I have been reading your Blog for ages and have learnt a lot already, where do you think half of my ideas come from? Andrew Lansley

  2. The LibDems hold the balance of power like a drunken man balances spinning plates from a toothpick on the end of his nose during an earthquake.

  3. Andrew: You sound suspiciously like an Alan