Sunday, 24 July 2011

Doctor Bill's Winehouse Vision

There was an item on the news earlier this week about tall people being more susceptible to cancer. Now this might be down to nothing more complex than the fact there are more cells in their bodies, and the higher the number of cells, the more there are to mutate and become cancerous.

Chairman Bill therefore has this recommendation for avoiding cancer - amputate extraneous limbs and hack out the bits you can do without, thus reducing your total number of cells and leaving less to go wrong. Simples!

The Chairman has warned Hayley repeatedly about the dangers of leaving the toilet seat down when going to bed, but does she listen? The Chairman navigates to the loo during the night, using his super-seeker night time sense (which means stumbling around in the dark and not switching on the light) and the result is absolute carnage - a bit like the result when one of your mates at school put cling film over the loo as a joke.

Amy Winehouse... A disaster waiting to happen - such a shame when she had so much talent. The irony is that, like so many pop stars before her, by her early death she has ensured her immortality in the pop firmament.

Below is an amusing image I came across.


  1. I have had a similar toilet incident... and I'm a woman... I wasn't drunk and it was broad daylight... just in a bit of a day-dream.

  2. My Auntie Annie used to always tell a tale of going to a pub toilet during the war, in the middle of the blackout. It was an outside toilet and there were no lights at all. But she successfully felt her way there, opened the door, lifted her skirt, pulled down her knickers ..... and sat down on some poor chaps lap!

  3. SB: and there was I thinking you were a bloke.

    Alan: Hilarious!

  4. I always enjoy reading your make me truly laugh....and your stories are priceless! Thanks!