Saturday, 30 July 2011

Veggie Loyalty Card for Games

Chairman Bill has discovered that being vegetarian does not necessarily mean someonewho eats vegetables. No.1 son has a friend staying for the few days. He was advertised as being vegetarian, but when asked what vegetables he likes, he said; "None." So, what's the name for a kid who doesn't eat meat, nor vegetables. I'd say the correct term is 'normal kid'.

Hay is wondering whether to risk life and limb by poking a stick with a pizza on the end of it into their cage.

Experiments with monkeys have shown that loyalty cards can work on those with limited intelligence. That's why computer game shops give them to kids. Perhaps parents should develop loyalty cards for their kids to get them to do jobs around the house.

Why is it that kids buy PS3 games that depict men as massive, muscle-bound thugs festooned with all manner of weaponry? There's simply no market for games called 'Atomic Scientist III', 'Revenge of the Mathematicians' or 'Accountancy Wars'.


  1. Does the vegetarian teen eat a lot of bakery products?
    And have you not heard of Strictly Killer Dance Teacher VII?

  2. Yes - he's a bakertarian, or is that biscuitarian?

  3. He'll just eat crisps then, seen a few like that here..

  4. I face the confusion between vegetarians and eating vegetables every time I go to the US... some people can't seem to understand that removing the meat from a meat-n-two-veg meal doesn't make it a workable vegetarian meal. :)

    As for "Atomic Scientist III" check out the awesome fantasy embedded in the cover image to Rio Grande Games' "Power Grid":
    Doesn't that white coat just scream excitement? >:)

  5. Actuaries get a bad press too.