Saturday, 23 July 2011

Heated Greek Markets - Innit?

Overheard in the Caravan:

No.1 Son; "Hey dad, the grammar they teach at school is well bad, innit?"

A punishing heatwave has settled over central and eastern parts of the US, pushing temperatures as high as 37C (99F) and causing up to 22 deaths. That's nothing - we experienced 41.5 degrees in Rome last week. Mind you, I'm not sure whether they were suffering it day after day though.

Markets - you know, those entities which defy gravity and the laws of physics - have risen on the news that the spendthrift Greeks have been given yet more billions to fritter away on non-existent public sector jobs and a half day week. Surely dad (or German mum, in this case) paying off overextended son's bills - again - does not instil confidence in said son's ability to manage his finances responsibly.

Markets - funny things - never trust 'em, they're about as reliable as a News Corp witness.